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In 2020, Keystone Strata Group took on the management of Waverley Road’s Palladium Apartments after a frustrating experience with the developer-appointed manager. The strata committee had grown disillusioned with the existing management and decided it was time for a change. The community was facing significant financial challenges, including owner arrears, outstanding supplier debts, and an underfunded annual budget.


  • Thousands of dollars in owner arrears.
  • Outstanding supplier debts amounting to $17,000.
  • An annual budget that was $30,000 underfunded.
  • A disheartened strata committee looking to turn things around.

Our Approach:

  1. Supplier Debt Resolution: One of the first priorities was addressing the outstanding supplier debts. Keystone Strata Group immediately initiated communication with suppliers, negotiated favorable payment plans, and took steps to clear the $17,000 owed.
  2. Owner Arrears Recovery: To resolve the owner arrears issue, Keystone Strata Group adopted a proactive approach. Through effective communication and negotiation, most of the arrears were recovered without the need for extensive legal intervention.
  3. Committee Collaboration: Keystone Strata Group collaborated closely with the strata committee. Together, they identified the community’s goals and prepared a comprehensive “wish list” for the building’s improvements. This served as a foundation for building a realistic budget aligned with the committee’s vision.
  4. Budget Realignment: At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Keystone Strata Group presented the committee’s vision and the necessity of increasing the budget to achieve their goals. Through transparent communication and a clear presentation, the budget adjustment received unanimous support from all owners.


  • Financial Stability: Keystone Strata Group successfully resolved outstanding debts, bringing financial stability to Palladium Apartments.
  • Arrears Recovery: The majority of owner arrears were recovered without resorting to legal actions, saving both time and resources.
  • Budget Approval: The adjusted budget, designed to meet the community’s aspirations, was approved with unanimous owner support.
  • Committee Empowerment: The strata committee was empowered to pursue necessary improvements for the building, enhancing overall resident satisfaction.


Keystone Strata Group’s proactive and collaborative approach led to a significant transformation of Waverley Road’s Palladium Apartments. By addressing financial challenges, fostering collaboration, and aligning the budget with the committee’s vision, Keystone Strata Group not only resolved immediate issues but also set the foundation for a more prosperous and harmonious community.
This case study highlights Keystone Strata Group’s commitment to effective strata management, financial recovery, and community empowerment, ultimately resulting in a thriving and satisfied strata community at Palladium Apartments.
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