Welcome to the Keystone Strata Group Portfolio, where we proudly present a collection of our successful strata management projects. Our commitment to excellence and our expertise in managing strata communities are on display in every project we undertake.

Project Highlights

Explore our diverse range of strata management projects, each showcasing a unique set of challenges and our effective solutions:

Melbourne Strata Management

Palladium Apartments

Location: Malvern East, VIC


In 2020, Keystone Strata Group stepped in to manage Waverley Road’s Palladium Apartments, transforming a community plagued by financial instability and disillusionment. Faced with considerable owner arrears, $17,000 in outstanding supplier debts, and a $30,000 underfunded annual budget, Keystone Strata Group quickly initiated negotiations, recovering most arrears without legal interventions and clearing supplier debts. Prioritising collaboration, they partnered with the strata committee to redefine the community’s vision and realign the budget. Their transparent approach garnered unanimous owner support for the revised budget, ensuring the community’s aspirations were met. As a result, Keystone Strata Group not only stabilised Palladium Apartments financially but also bolstered committee empowerment and resident satisfaction.

The Albert Apartments

Location: Brunswick, VIC


In mid-2022, Keystone Strata Group assumed management of “The Albert Apartments” on Albert St, addressing operational inefficiencies, strained relationships, and an overwhelmed strata committee. Facing challenges like inefficient processes and resident distrust, Keystone Strata Group undertook a comprehensive process review and launched a strategic communication campaign. Through active collaboration and transparency, they streamlined operations and restored resident trust. The committee’s renewed faith in Keystone Strata Group was evident with a contract extension for three more years. Highlighting the transformation, the Chairperson remarked on the reduced daily involvement in owners corporation business, underscoring Keystone Strata Group’s success in revitalising the community and establishing efficient operations.

Melbourne Strata Management
Melbourne Strata Management

Lilix Apartments

Location: South Melbourne, VIC


In July 2023, Keystone Strata Group stepped in as the new strata manager for Thistlewaite’s Lilix Apartments after prior managers failed to deliver satisfactory service. Confronted with challenges like maintenance backlogs, necessary capital works, and rule enforcement, Keystone Strata Group implemented a systematic approach. An in-depth assessment paved the way for a tailored management strategy. We introduced a consistent maintenance schedule, addressing issues like window cleaning and car stacker malfunctions. Prioritising safety, traffic mirrors were installed to ensure better visibility. Additionally, we championed community harmony by engaging and educating residents about building regulations, leading to improved compliance. The outcomes, including enhanced service quality, safety improvements, and community cohesion, affirm Keystone Strata Group’s dedication to transforming and elevating the living experience at Lilix Apartments.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say about their experience working with Keystone Strata Group:

Working with Keystone has been an absolute pleasure from day one. Our experience with them has exceeded all expectations, and we are eager to embark on a long and fruitful working relationship. From the outset, Keystone demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise that immediately put us at ease. Their team's commitment to delivering exceptional strata management services is truly commendable. They've shown a profound understanding of our needs and consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our strata property is well-maintained and efficiently managed.

Kosta Manganas,

OC Managers for our complex over 6 years. Owners interests are always a high priority.

Paul J Portelli,

Keystone have done a great job, especially taking over from previous managers who bungled the gate installation management.

Chris Ackland,

Keystone is one of the best strata groups I've worked with- ultra professional and diligent, great service

Bevan Smart,

Ash and his team provide an excellent service. They have helped our community immensely over the past 12 months. Their team and trade services are second to non

Trent Jones. R,

Client Stories

Keystone Strata Group Client Story: Chris
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Keystone Strata Group Client Story: Irene
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