Elevating Lilux Apartments


In July 2023, Keystone Strata Group was appointed as the new strata manager for Thistlethwaite’s Lilix Apartments. The strata committee had been grappling with poor service from the developer-appointed manager, and a subsequent switch to a different manager on a 12-month agreement had yielded only marginal improvements. Frustrated with the service quality, the committee decided to undertake a comprehensive tender and interview process to find a more suitable manager, ultimately choosing Keystone Strata Group.


  • Unsatisfactory service quality from the previous managers.
  • The need to address a range of maintenance issues, including window cleaning and car stacker faults.
  • Capital works required for improved safety, such as traffic mirror installation.
  • Enforcing rules and regulations for residents not in compliance.

Our Approach:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: Keystone Strata Group initiated a comprehensive assessment of the Lilix Apartments to identify key issues affecting the community. This assessment served as the foundation for a tailored management strategy.
  2. Scheduled Maintenance Program: To address maintenance issues, we implemented a scheduled maintenance program. This included regular window cleaning and prompt resolution of car stacker faults to enhance the overall living experience for residents.
  3. Capital Improvement Projects: Recognizing the importance of safety, we oversaw capital works projects, including the installation of traffic mirrors to improve visibility and safety within the building’s premises.
  4. Rule Enforcement and Resident Engagement: We prioritized building a positive community atmosphere by addressing non-compliance issues. We engaged with residents to educate them about the building’s rules and encouraged adherence through clear communication.


  • Improved Service Quality: Keystone Strata Group’s proactive approach led to a significant improvement in service quality compared to the previous managers.
  • Enhanced Safety: Capital works projects, such as the installation of traffic mirrors, contributed to improved safety for residents and visitors.
  • Maintenance Efficiency: The scheduled maintenance program ensured timely resolution of issues, contributing to higher resident satisfaction.
  • Community Harmony: By engaging with residents and enforcing building rules, we fostered a more harmonious living environment.


Keystone Strata Group’s strategic approach transformed Lilix Apartments in Thistlethwaite. By addressing maintenance issues, improving safety, and enhancing service quality, we successfully met the committee’s expectations for strata management.


This case study exemplifies Keystone Strata Group’s commitment to efficient strata management, safety enhancement, and community engagement. Lilix Apartments now enjoy a higher standard of living, and residents benefit from a safer and more pleasant environment.
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