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Rejuvenating JD The Seasons


In May 2023, Keystone Strata Group was appointed as the new strata manager for JD The Seasons on Reynolds Road. The strata committee had grown frustrated with the unresponsiveness of the previous manager and concerns about financial oversight. There were also issues related to the movement of funds between accounts without adequate transparency or reporting.


  • Lack of responsiveness and transparency from the previous strata manager.
  • Concerns about the management of financial accounts, including fund transfers without oversight.
  • Absence of clear financial reporting and transparency.
  • A budget shortfall due to the failure to increase levy contributions as agreed at the previous Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Our Approach:

  1. Financial Audit: One of the first steps we took upon appointment was to initiate a thorough audit of the financial accounts. This helped us gain a clear understanding of the existing financial situation and identify areas that needed immediate attention.
  2. Contract Review: We reviewed all contracts with incumbent contractors to ensure that the community was receiving value for money. This step aimed to optimize service quality and cost-effectiveness.
  3. Improved Financial Transparency: Keystone Strata Group provided the committee with online access to financial reports, ensuring transparency and easy access to financial information.
  4. Budget Analysis: Our team carefully reviewed the budget and identified a critical issue—the failure to increase levy contributions as agreed at the previous AGM. We worked with the committee to rectify this, ensuring the Owners Corporation did not face a budget deficit.
  5. Wish List Planning: Keystone Strata Group collaborated with the committee to create a strategic roadmap to achieve all the items on their wish list. This roadmap considered budget constraints, priorities, and timelines.


  • Financial Clarity: The financial audit and improved reporting mechanisms provided the committee with a clear view of the financial situation and enhanced transparency.
  • Cost Optimization: Through contract reviews, we ensured that the community received value for money from its contractors.
  • Budget Alignment: We resolved the budget shortfall issue by increasing levy contributions as agreed, preventing a potential deficit.
  • Strategic Planning: The roadmap created in collaboration with the committee provided a clear direction for achieving their goals and improving the property.


Keystone Strata Group’s proactive and transparent approach revitalized JD The Seasons on Reynolds Road. By addressing financial concerns, optimizing costs, and aligning the budget with the committee’s objectives, we have set the property on a path to success.


This case study exemplifies Keystone Strata Group’s commitment to effective financial management, transparency, and collaboration. JD The Seasons now benefits from a more financially stable and goal-oriented strata management approach.
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