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The Albert Apartments
The Albert Apartments
The Albert Apartments

Revitalising The Albert Apartments


In mid-2022, Keystone Strata Group took on the management of Albert St’s “The Albert Apartments.” The property had been experiencing operational inefficiencies, a strained relationship with the previous manager, and a burdened strata committee. Keystone Strata Group’s mission was to refine processes, reduce the committee’s workload, and rebuild trust within the community.


  • Inefficient processes leading to a heavy workload for the strata committee.
  • Negative sentiments among residents towards the incumbent manager.
  • The need to rebuild trust and establish a collaborative environment.

Our Approach:

  1. Process Refinement: Keystone Strata Group initiated a comprehensive review of existing strata management processes. Collaborating closely with the strata committee and facilities manager, we identified areas of improvement and introduced streamlined procedures.
  2. Communication Campaign: Recognizing the negative sentiments toward the previous manager, we launched a proactive communication campaign. We engaged residents, listened to their concerns, and conveyed our commitment to working with them, not against them. This campaign was instrumental in rebuilding trust.
  3. Collaborative Atmosphere: Keystone Strata Group fostered an environment of collaboration and transparency. We ensured that residents and committee members had a say in key decisions, making them feel more involved and valued.
  4. Reducing Committee Workload: Our team took on a more proactive role in daily operations, relieving the strata committee of many of their routine tasks. This allowed committee members to focus on strategic matters.


  • Efficient Operations: Process refinement significantly reduced the committee’s workload, allowing them to dedicate more time to strategic decision-making.
  • Trust Restoration: Keystone Strata Group’s communication campaign successfully rebuilt trust among residents and committee members, leading to improved relationships.
  • Contract Renewal: Due to the positive outcomes achieved, the committee decided to extend their contract with Keystone Strata Group for another 3 years.
  • Increased Satisfaction: The Chairperson’s statement, “This is the first time since being on the Committee that I have not had to be involved with owners corporation business on a daily basis,” speaks to the enhanced satisfaction of committee members.


Keystone Strata Group’s proactive and collaborative approach revitalized Albert St’s “The Albert Apartments.” Through process refinement, effective communication, and a commitment to relieving the strata committee’s burden, we not only improved operational efficiency but also restored trust and harmony within the community.


This case study highlights Keystone Strata Group’s ability to transform strata communities, foster collaboration, and achieve long-term client satisfaction. “The Albert Apartments” now serve as a testament to successful strata management and positive community engagement.
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